One Down

ThreeNightsWithARockstar-200x300Welcome to the rock star series readers are calling “beautiful and sexy and bittersweet”…

When Hailey crashes a Half-Life after party, she expects to find the bastard who knocked up her little sister. Instead she meets the sexy front-man who agrees to give her access to his crew if she gives him access to her body.

All Lock demands in return is three days of complete control over the Sunday School teacher. With a contract, because he’s been burned before. One misstep could send the band—and his tenuous sobriety—up in flames.

Hailey and Lock push each other’s limits… Against the penthouse window. Backstage. In the limo and on the elevator. But as the contract counts down, neither are ready for the party to end.

How about a steamy excerpt? In this snippet Hailey has just returned to the penthouse suite she’s sharing with Lock. He was not pleased to find her gone when he woke up…


Deliberately, as if to make sure she couldn’t misunderstand, he grasped her hand and raised it above her head. The other followed, leaving her captive in the bondage of his body, his fingers biting into her wrists. Did he see how much she yearned for that? Did he realize it bound him too?

“Did you find who you were looking for?” he muttered.

She’d talked to some people, but now all she could see was him. He filled up her vision and consumed her breath. “Not yet.”

“Even if you had, you would have to stay. Three nights.”

“One down,” she whispered.

“One down,” he agreed, nudging hard flesh against her hip. “And when I woke up, you were gone. What was I supposed to do with this?”

He was taunting her. Testing her, something whispered inside her. A deep-seated feminine knowledge that knew exactly how to deal with a man in this state, needy and cruel. He wasn’t the only one hungry for it. He wasn’t the only one who wanted it to hurt. That thick, pulsing erection, probably sticky with precum. What was he supposed to do with it?

“You have a hand,” she whispered.

He chuckled darkly. “I’m going to enjoy making you pay for that.”

God, she was counting on it.


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