ThreeNightsWIthARockStar-500x750The hard-edged guitarist and lead singer. A consummate front man, Lock knows how to perform—onstage or off. Growing up the child of rock royalty left him debauched and louche, but he meets his match in a sweet Sunday school teacher. He longs to see the cities that are only a blur through the window of a limo or private jet while they tour.


OneKissWIthARockStar-500x750The tattooed bass guitarist and sometimes-vocalist. Brooding and soulful, Krist’s rhythmic (bass) licks leave fans weak. Another second generation musician, he and Lock learned to play side-by-side when their parents had a brief fling on tour. He’s more serious about the music than either of his bandmates.


SecondChanceWithARockStar-500x750The wild and crazy drummer. A later addition to the core of Half-Life, Moe keeps things light with his practical jokes. Killing time while keeping time. Not just comic relief, his fierce beats are the pulse of the band.

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